RAUL CANESTRO  was born in Ronda, one of the oldest and most historic Spanish cities, located in Andalusia a land where famous artists, writers and philosophers have found inspiration for their work. For many years he lived in Cantabria, a region in northern Spain whose wild mountains, sea and people influenced his personal quest for excellence and authenticity. During his youth, he made an adventurous trip to India that marked him deeply and fueled the process of self-reflection.
The early artistic inquisitiveness developed by RAUL CANESTRO  flourished in a family of artists and artisans: painters, book illustrators, wood carvers and leather workers, but his paintings require more than innate talent: they require hardwork, energy, effort, passion and above all, conviction.
As a child, he enjoyed drawing and soon began to experiment with different textures and techniques such as oil, watercolor, ink, pyrography, colored pencil, as well as with different styles including cubism, realism, abstraction and surrealism. It was an ongoing effort to better himself and find new ways of expression; twisting, destroying and re-building, creating new movements in Art  that he calls « The Power of Form » in a constant search for improvement. Equilibrium, order and harmony are essential components by putting things in their rightful place, regardless of the form or style used. According to him,  “Art brings us closer to magic, and allows us to understand man”.
His paintings can be found in private collections of the following  countries : United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland,  China and Japan.


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